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Imagine waking up and finding that more people who visit your online business, spend money. Imagine getting report after report of customers spending more time gambling with you. And why stop there? Why not have customers increase their average wager? Especially when you have more uptime. More available seats. More features. A more customer satisfaction oriented staff. And no, none of this should cost an extra cent. In fact, we believe most providers charge too much as it is.

You deserve an online casino provider that will offer more than just 'prestige' at an over-rated price. You deserve a provider who can maximize your profitability and safety. We know you deserve it. We believe so. Contact us and you can confirm that we are a company devoted to creating a product that is elegant, easy to use, trustworthy and above all, supremely profitable.

"GGL's product is second to none, they know what is required to make a Live Casino, attractive, exciting, professional and reliable."
-John Faley
Marketing Director

Secure Software

At GGL we employ the latest technology innovations to guarantee maximium safety.

Ongoing Service

With GGL you will get a Live Dealer provider that is truly committed to ensuring your success.

Highly Profitable

More than just secure software, fast integration and high tech; our software is hugely profitable.

Granular Options

Enjoy 7 easily customizable features including private/public chat, stand alone or integrated wallet and more.

Live Dealer Suppliers

Why choose us?

  • Fastest Integration of Any Provider
  • Lowest Price Option Guaranteed!
  • Proven Record - 99.97% Uptime
  • Blackjack Disconnect Auto-Play
  • Super Secure Data Handling
  • 6 Profit Boosting Games

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